Marsala Magic

Target necklace, Old Navy top, Target pants, Old Navy boots, Dooney & Bourke bag

This past January, Marsala was chosen as Pantone’s color of the year. I haven’t seen it incorporated in much other than a special collection line at Sephora, but now it’s popping up every where. Kind of reminds me of that cobalt sweater scene in ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’ Anyway, I almost got this top in its gray option upon seeing it in store. But something pulled me to live a little, and I shockingly purchased a non-neutral article of clothing.


Neutral Territory

Francesca’s & H&M necklaces, British Khaki vest, Everlane t-shirt, Old Navy jeans, Predictions heels, Dooney & Bourke bag

I’m truly an impatient person. I received these jeans and this t-shirt in the mail yesterday and couldn’t wait another day to wear them. Good thing they’re both neutrals. I love that this outfit is so simple at it’s base; a t-shirt and jeans. But throw on a trendy vest, add a few accessories, a pair of heels, and all of a sudden I’m sashaying down the street on my way to work.


Francesca’s necklace, H&M jacket (similar), dress, Old Navy boots

I will always rely on basics. My closet is full of them, which makes it easy for this lazy girl to put as little thought into getting ready as possible. I think a good LBD is a closet staple for anyone. I love this one because it’s — in my opinion — slimming on me and versatile enough for work and play.

Faking Fall

 British Khaki vest, H&M top, Mama’s skirt, Target wedges

I’m so tired of summer. When I saw the 79° high on my weather app this morning I got excited and immediately started to think about layers. It wasn’t until I stepped outside that I realized I was only fooling myself. C’mon, chilly nights and crisp mornings! Anyway, I got this vest while I was vacationing in Florida this summer. If it’s anything like my utility jacket, I anticipate it being a staple in my wardrobe for this season.

Easy, Breezy

Target sunglasses, Forever 21 earrings & necklace, H&M jacket, LOFT dress, Coach bagMossimo sandals

Dresses are my go-to in warmer weather. They’re easy, effortless, and breathable. I found this one on sale at a LOFT outlet store earlier this spring and fell in love. It’s been in rotation a lot in the past few months, which is great! That, and its versatility, is how I know it was a smart purchase. Slow clap for you, past Michelle. Although I’m pretty sure it’s okay for women to wear sleeveless tops in my office, I’ve never felt comfortable doing so. Thus, this jean jacket has seen its fair share of days lately. In fact, both pieces will probably get a lot more wear this summer.

Pop pop!

Forever 21 earrings, Sheinside necklace, ASOS top, Mama’s skirt, Predictions heels

Confession: I still haven’t done laundry. Now this would be a problem except it’s finally warm enough to wear skirts and dresses! I received this top from ASOS along with my other white scalloped one, but haven’t worn it until today. I struggled finding bottoms that wouldn’t expose my mid-drift at work but had an epiphany this morning when I took a look at my forgotten skirts. Even though I usually gravitate to tucking my shirt in (so it defines my waist more), I couldn’t stand to hide the die-cut detail on the hem of this blouse. I think my figure wasn’t compromised by that choice and ended up loving how the red emphasizes the intricacy of the top even more.

PS. If you know what show the title is from you get a high five.

Prison Fit

Borrowed top, Old Navy jeans, Predictions heels

You know those times where you wake up and realize you actually have nothing to wear because you haven’t done laundry in weeks? Yeah, this was one of those days. Luckily I had my sister’s wardrobe a few steps away and a (semi) clean pair of jeans as a last resort. Went with my standard billowy top + skinny jean cut + heels uniform that never lets me down. Anyone else have a uniform that they know will work day in and day out?

Yup, In My White Tee

Everlane t-shirt, Old Navy jeans, Target shoes

When I first heard about Everlane they only had a few t-shirts available for purchase. Although unconvinced, I still admired their aesthetic and mission to bring basics back to basics. Since then, they’ve grown quite a bit and I’ve finally been swayed enough to purchase from them. I chose the cotton box cut tee in white because I liked the relaxed look and the high hem line. The shirt isn’t super sheer, which is a problem I find with a lot of white tops. Since I find a white t-shirt to be just about the most versatile item in my closet, I’m sure I will get a lot of wear out of this.

Scallop Details

 Forever 21 earrings, necklace, & rings, ASOS top, American Eagle jacket, Old Navy jeans & bag, Target booties

As mentioned in multiple Project 365 posts, I have been online shopping a lot these past couple months.* One of the orders I placed was at ASOS for two white tops suitable for work from the brand, New Look. Although anxious about the petite sizing, I was pleasantly surprised to find how nicely this top fits me. It’s meant to be a crop top, yet it hits the top of my hips at the perfect length. I love the scallop details on the hems (which you can’t really see from this picture); they add an extra element to an otherwise pretty basic outfit. Future pairings with more grungy or androgynous looks are definitely to come.

*I’m online shopping as I type this post out. It’s an addiction. I have a problem!



H&M necklace, Lush dress, Forever 21 cami, Target boots, Michael Kors bag

I bought these boots on whim earlier this winter and have worn them approximately four times. Which is a shame because they’re really kinda freakin’ fabulous. In truth, I have trouble wearing them with outfits that don’t make me look like Julia Roberts à la Pretty Woman. My go-to pairing has been with dresses that show a sliver of skin or jeans. Hopefully, there’s a few more chilly days for me to grow a pair and wear these babies some more. How do you style over-the-knee boots?