Lust List: Birthday Edition

Happy October, y’all. My favorite month of the year! Partly because the weather finally cools down and mostly because HELLO BIRTHDAY. Honestly couldn’t think of many things I wanted for my birthday. Does that mean my life is in order? You can bet it isn’t! Here are five pretty, little items that I’m lusting after. Emphasis on the lusting, cause this stuff is expensive. Yikes.

  1. Nike Kaishi Sneaker (Black): I have wanted a pair of minimal black and white sneakers for months now. Every time I see a girl rockin’ them I sort of want to knock her out and steal them. In this scenario every girl is size 7, so everything would work out.
  2. Tory Burch ‘York’ Passport Wallet (Light Oak): I bought my current wallet as a graduation present to myself back in 2012. Three years later, and boy does it look beat. This Tory Burch one would probably suffer the same fate, but it’s so pretty it hurts. #theheartwantswhatitwants
  3. Kate Spade Foil Dot Pencil Pouch Set: True. I could buy a $5.00 pouch from Forever 21 and it would serve the same purpose. But this one is so much prettier! I’m petty. I know.
  4. Kate Spade ‘Cedar Street – Marietta’ Card Case (Black): I can’t even begin to explain why I want this without sounding like a spoiled first world-er.
  5. Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Square Tote (Deep Berry): After my first designer bag purchase I’ve never looked back. I love the ones I currently own, but have been doing massive research on adding a new one to the rotation. I first spotted this bag in the arms of my favorite bloggers and fell. in. love. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find it in stock anywhere. If anyone found this bag it would be a damn miracle.

Lust List: Health & Fitness Edition

It’s that time, y’all! Here are a few things I’m lusting after. But plot twist, it’s the health and fitness edition!

  1. Cannondale Radius Helmet, White/Turquoise: I’ve been riding on the edge lately. A part of me doesn’t really want a helmet because it gets so hot. But now that I’ve said that I’m probably destined to crash into a tree. *Knocks on wood*
  2. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Teal: I’m definitely buying into the hype around pedometers. Who knows, maybe it’ll encourage me to workout more…
  3. Camelbak Magic Hydration Pack, Flame/Aruba Blue: Probably the most practical thing on this list. A hydration pack would allow me to ride longer without stopping. Plus, this one is big enough to bring on hikes. Legit investment, yo.
  4. Nike Flex Supreme TR 3 Women’s Cross-Trainers, Charcoal Fuchsia: My pair of Roshes have seen better days. I like the clean look of these sneakers.

If you haven’t noticed, everything matches my bike. Which is pretty much the main reason I want any/all of this! Mwahaha!

Lust List

Return of the lust list, y’all! Here’s nine things I’m currently (slightly irrationally) lusting over.

  1. Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set: Ever since my lovely friend gifted me the NAKED Basics palette, I’ve been on my eye make-up strong. But I’ve also found my current eye brushes aren’t the best tools. This Zoeva set has everything I would ever need. And more.
  2. Ikea Hemnes Chest: I only have one nightstand currently and it feels weirdly unbalanced to me. I didn’t want to get the exact one I have now, but this is in the same line so I think it’ll match with everything else in my room.
  3. Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Laptop Sleeve: The laptop sleeve I have now (a bright pink Hello Kitty one) causes some anxiety whenever I bring it out in public. I feel the judgement. I like that this Herschel is gender neutral and classic enough to last a while. Plus, it’ll match my backpack!
  4. Muji Memo Pad – Checklist: If you’ve followed my blog since its birth, you’ll know I am a huge stan of lists. I have this checklist already, but I’d love one for the office where I think it would be most effective.
  5. Copperplate Sampler of 25 Nibs: When I told the Boyfriend I wanted nibs he A. Did not know what a nib was and B. Asked why I needed more when I already had one. I had to explain to him that a nib made all the difference in your calligraphy, vary in their physical attributes, and create different strokes.
  6. La Chance Passe Flat Pouch: This is so unnecessary. But I want this to hold the coupons in my purse. One step closer to extreme coupon-ing!
  7. Roll Up Earphone Organizer Set: Everyone has trouble with tangled headphones. It’s an epidemic. You’ve been there. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Well, unlike all you who tolerate the tangle, I’m taking a step forward to end the insanity. This thing will help. I think.
  8. Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch: I used to want a gold one of these a couple years back. But then I saw it on literally every girl. I think this one looks sort of manly, but it’s simple and classic and appealing to me.
  9. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film: I’m out of film for my Instax. Someone help a sista out!

Lust List: Birthday Edition

It’s been a while since I shared my nonsensical, materialistic cravings. I feel bad coveting such frivolous things in a time like this, but I figure a girl can dream.


  1. Mochi Things Iconic Leather Strap: Currently my keys (All three of them) reside on one of those souvenir key holders that has my name on it. Yes, it’s in perfectly fine shape and it serves its purpose, but I’d like to upgrade to something a little more classy.
  2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera: So I cheated. This has been on my Lust List before. But it’s been haunting my dreams ever since it made its first appearance some months ago.
  3. Georgetown Cupcakes: Okay, let’s get real. There isn’t really a day in the year I don’t crave for the sweet, sweet goodness that is a Chocolate³ cupcake.
  4. The Photojojo Handy Dandy Hand Strap: When I carry around my camera I don’t usually have it strapped around my neck. Instead I’ll wrap the strap around my wrist three times so it’s within easy access when I see something I want to photograph. While this MacGyver set-up works for now, I’d like to eventually get this strap to make my photo-taking process a bit smoother.
  5. Nike Roshe Run: Sneakers aren’t really a staple in my wardrobe, but that would change with these. Maybe. I thought they were hideous at first (The sole of the shoe is huge). But they grew on me as I began noticing them on people more and more. In the end I’ve found they actually don’t look bad in person.
  6. Photojojo “Keep Calm and Snap On” Print: I’ve slowly been gathering decor for the wall above my bed. I actually did a DIY chevron print that I intend to eventually share here; Maybe when the whole thing comes together. Anyway, I love the ode to the once lost British motivational propaganda and the simplistic look of this poster.
  7. Russel Wilson Seattle Seahawks Jersey: Before you go calling me a bandwagon fan because they’re 4-0 for the first time ever, know that I was born in the great Pacific Northwest. Therefore, I have every right to be a fan. Although… It doesn’t hurt that Marshawn Lynch carried my Fantasy team last year. Or that Russel Wilson is one handsome, humble, Christian man. Or that his number is my favorite number. Or that I think their jerseys and color-way are the most aesthetically pleasing in the league. Let’s just focus on my birth location, people.
  8. World Market Josephine Desk: If you’ve been in my room you know I already have a white desk and you probably think I’m psycho for wanting a new one. But you have to understand I’ve been eyeing this desk for over a year now. It was love at first sight when I came across it online when I semi re-did my room, but I never got around to purchasing it because I figured I already had one. So now all the furniture in my room are pieces I plan on keeping for a long time, except for the current desk I have. One day, my sweet. One day.

Lust List


  1. Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray: My holy grail product. I ran out of it months ago and never repurchased. We shall be reunited soon, my love…
  2. Steve Madden Phsychh: My go-to black suede pumps are dying. It is inevitable that they will reach their demise soon. You may send your condolences in the form of monetary gifts to the “Buy Michelle New Black Pumps” Foundation. Thank you.
  3. Essie Resort Collection: Now that Lent is over I can paint my nails again. Hello new, beautiful colors I don’t have.
  4. Underground Army Jacket: Yes, it is spring and I probably won’t be needing a jacket for another couple of months, but this baby is bad ass.
  5. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S Nikkor Lens: By no means do I label myself a photographer; I merely like having my memories documented. But I do like the challenge a prime (fixed focal length) lens provides and I’m willing to invest in developing my skills.
  6. Madewell Silhouette Dress: Because every girl needs a LBD (Little Black Dress).
  7. SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC: I can’t find my SD card. And that is a problem.
  8. Everlane Weekender: Actually anything from Everlane has me standing in a puddle of drool. Good quality, reasonable prices.
  9. Daily Schedule Note Pad: Perpetually enabling the perfectionist in me to micromanage every single aspect of my day.

Lust List

I am constantly online window shopping. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I spend eight hours of my day in front of a computer at work. I am enabled. Work enables me. I mean, I’m so engulfed in this habit that there’s a Note on my iPhone that is solely dedicated to things I’m saving up for. It’s fifteen items long right now. Yikes. But before you form some sort of image in your head that I’m a mindless American consumer you should know I hardly ever buy anything. Besides food, that is. There have been times I’ve contemplated writing “Diary of a Fat Kid” on the cover of my financial journal because month after month I completely blow my food budget. But I digress.

So for my first post, instead of some profound declaration of maintaining this new-found hobby they call “blogging” (because I’m not profound and I’m not going to invest my time in a relationship that obviously has an expiration date, WordPress!), I’m going to post a bunch of stuff I’ve been drooling over for days, weeks, maybe even months. My “Lust List” if you will.


  1. Instax Mini Instant Camera: Something about physically holding your photo seconds after you’ve shot it is so rewarding. I’m all about that instant gratification.
  2. Zara Faux Leather Combination Skirt: I’m in the process of cleaning out my wardrobe and willing myself to shop for quality pieces that flatter my figure. I refuse to keep wasting my money on “fast fashion” that is only going to come apart at the seams after a few cycles through the dryer.
  3. Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip: I pass by this store every day on my way to work. Apparently licking the window display is not an acceptable thing to do in public. Okay, I don’t really do that. Maybe.
  4. Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote: Saw a girl on the bus with this exact bag early in February. I wondered how fast she’d be able to run in the heels she was wearing.
  5. Nikon D5100: Whenever I look through my iPhoto I get extremely nostalgic. For my DSLR. It broke toward the end of last summer. This one is a step up from my old one. In both price and quality.
  6. Macarons: I have an affinity for desserts… Pie, ice cream, churros, macaroons, cannoli, donuts, cookies, etc. I’m salivating just typing those words out. But I’ve never tried macarons. If or when I do, expect a post.
  7. A German Shepherd puppy: This is probably the most far-fetched of the entire list. One day, my sweet. One day.
  8. Muji 0.5 Gel Ink Pens: My sister brought me back two from when she was in NYC last year and I fell in love. That’s a weird thing to say about a pen. But they write so smoothly and have the perfect line weight.
  9. The Tokyo Dreamer Strap: Yeah, I have no story behind this. It’s cute. That’s all.