Three Things I’m Doing to Be #DebtFreeby2017

Money rules everything around me. Okay, not everything, but a lot. I’m tired of feeling controlled by my finances. I got places to visit, things to do, and clothes to fill my closet, all without the shackle that is debt. So here are three things I’m doing to be #DebtFreeby2017:

  1. Increase the monthly payment for both my student loans and credit card. This will require a lot of sacrifice on the rest of my budget. Just the thought of a life without Starbucks every morning* makes me cry a little. Goodbye frivolous expenses!
  2. Hide my credit cards. Some people are fantastic at being reasonable, logically human beings. I am not. I’m a typical millennial who’s fixated on instant gratification. I wanted a [ridiculously expensive] bike last summer SO I BOUGHT A MUTHAFRIGGIN’ BIKE. I even opened a new store credit card for it. Thankfully, the looming 30% interest after a year scared me into paying it off in five months. But I digress, I’m seriously irresponsible with a credit card in hand. So I hid mine. Outta sight, outta mind, right?
  3. Unsubscribe from retail emails. Marketing people are great at their jobs. I’d like to meet the person who comes up with subject lines for Ann Taylor & LOFT’s subscription emails. They are seriously excelling at life. I can’t count how many times I’ve made a purchase because my email informed me there was a sale going on. Getting rid of these soul-sucking rodents that ruin my credit score is bound to help me in the long run.

So there you have it. A resolution goal for the new year. I’m saying goal because so many people get up in arms about the whole “New Year, new me!” mindset. SHEESH, PEOPLE. Why don’t you mind your own damn business and let others live?!

* I’m typing this as I sip my grande soy peppermint white chocolate mocha. Jeez, I suck.


Blog by Numbers: Ten Spring Bucket List Items

Okay, so my bucket lists have been major fails in the past. But whatever, I’m giving it another go. Spring lasts from March 20th to June 21st. Let’s see how many of these activities I can do before summer’s death rays hit. #SpontaneousSpring

  1. Go zip-lining.
  2. Visit the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin.
  3. Go hiking:
  4. Take a dessert tour. 
  5. Attend a concert; preferably outdoor.
  6. Visit the National Zoo.
  7. Go to a sporting event. 
  8. Participate in a fun-run or 5K.
  9. Go to a wine/beer festival.
  10. Take my family out to dinner.

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Blog by Numbers: Five Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. A Toddler.
    There’s a steady stream of toddlers that come into the center on a daily basis. A few I barely know. They stare blankly at me as I wave enthusiastically and say “Good morning!” Some always smile and throw a quick and quiet “Morning” back, always prompted by their nanny. But there’s one particular little girl that I’ve grown close to over the past year. Some how I developed a friendship with this little one through our minimal interaction while cleaning up the Tiny Tots equipment and at the front desk in the morning. Her nanny even mentioned to me that the child would talk to her mother about a “big friend” at the center. So adorable. Anyway, today was probably the last time I would ever see her.
  2. A Note.
    My Bossman has been my boss for the past seven years. He was originally my supervisor for camps, and when I graduated from college he actually reached out to me asking if I wanted to work at the center. He’s been a huge help and stepping stone not only for me, but for my sisters too. And I truly admire how genuinely friendly he is; always greets members and knows exactly how to interact with them, no matter how rude or absurd they are. Today, as I began walking out of the center he called me into his office and handed me a card. Inside was a $25 Starbucks giftcard and a note thanking me for all my work and wishing me luck at my new position. I was so touched I almost hugged him.
  3. A Georgetown Cupcake.
    My Papa picks me up from work each Friday. In the car he asked me if I’d ever tried cupcakes from Georgetown. After exclaiming my love for Georgetown Cupcakes he pointed down to one in the cup holder saying his co-worker gave it to him. I happily devoured it with him right then and there.
  4. Seven Eleven Taquitos.
    Like I mentioned, my Papa picks me up every Friday. And occasionally, before going to his part-time jobs, we’ll stop at Seven Eleven to get food. Today I was hoping we’d do this because my monthly craving for taquitos was in its peak. And low and behold, we got taquitos.
  5. Hyacinth.
    While at my Papa’s part-time job I walked past these white hyacinth flowers in a vase. They looked pretty, but they smelled even better.

Blog by Numbers: 14 New Things Happening in the New Year

Inspired by my round-up post about camp this past summer and the recent trend of journalism in the form of lists I think I’m going to start a series: “Blog by Numbers.” There, I said it. It’s written in stone now. Hopefully I keep up with this, unlike my dying “This Week in ____” series. Then again, maybe I’ll resurrect that. Anyway, here are 14 New Things Happening in the New Year:

  1. Cursing less. Ever since confession I have found myself actively trying to remove profanity from my vocabulary. There have been a few slip ups here and there, mostly things that are blurted out due to frustration, but all in all it’s going pretty well.
  2. I started learning code on I’m 48% through Web Fundamentals and I’ve learned more about coding in two days than I did in the two web related classes I took in college.
  3. Well, this is new and old. Re-started working at the center this month. I ran out of hours last year so I couldn’t work October, November, and December.
  4. Two words: Dish. Washer. Finally learned how to load it. Turns out you just have to put a little capsule in, press a few buttons, and bam.
  5. Started really cracking down on the job search. And thus got my first rejection (At least they had the decency to tell me instead of stringing me along like an unrequited lover). Stung a little a lot, but I will continue. Sidenote: Thank you to everyone who has shown support through all my somber posts. Y’all don’t know how sane your comments, texts, and kind words have kept me.
  6. Experiencing the joy of parenthood. Wait, what. I meant our new puppy. Accidents in the house, crate training (Thankfully I’ve only been awakened one night to her incessant whining), sneaking under the raised shed in the backyard, swallowing a sock… Tiny terror, that one.
  7. Joined the Bread & Bullets team, an up-and-coming apparel brand. It’s nice to be a part of something again. And Lord knows I need the experience.
  8. Another new/old occurrence. Re-started tracking my expenses. Discovered the Monthly Budget template in Numbers on my iCloud and it is the Check it out if you have an iCloud account. You can access it at
  9. Trivial thing, but I’ve started using a night cream. The older I get the more I understand my skin. I’m comfortable enough to go out in public without foundation now, something I never ever used to do.
  10. Finally making progress with my wall revamp. So far I’ve painted a chevron pattern canvas and bought the poster I’ve wanted (Mentioned in my most recent Lust List).
  11. photo 5Discovered a new media of art I love: painting. I painted these as the Boyfriend’s Christmas present last month and now I’m going to a paint & wine class with two girlfriends in a few weeks. Yeehaw!
  12. New kitchen. I am in love with the amount of counter space we have now. It’s given me sweet, sweet dreams of my future home complete with a gigantic kitchen (Quartz counter tops, spacious island/breakfast bar, the works). I’ve been meaning to post after pictures, but we’re technically not done with it. The old flooring is still in and five cabinets are missing knobs.
  13. This series. Alright, I’m running out of novel experiences here. But I am trying to blog more. Both on here and the lifestyle/health/beauty blog.
  14. It’s a new year. Duh.

#NEWYEARNEWME Well… Same me, new experiences.

Camp by Numbers

Summer camp has come to a close. So here’s my recap on the past six weeks. In numbers.

20. The number of times a day a bandaid soothed an injured, crying child.
19. How many times in an hour I told campers not to run in the multipurpose room.IMG_5536 18. Number of times my sister and I got asked if we were twins.
17. Total amount of times campers grabbed my boobs.
IMG_5980 16. The number of pens I acquired from constantly putting them in my hair and forgetting about their existence until I got home.
15. Number of Instagram pictures taken relating to camp life.
14. Average quantity of pizzas I ordered every Friday.
IMG_5434 13. Time, in minutes, it took for campers to get quiet after lunch.
12. How many times my phone got disabled due to too many incorrect password attempts.
11. Age of my knuckle head “Team Fresh” boys who drove me up the wall insane.
DSC_0049 10. Amount of times campers would ask me what game we were playing next. Right after I told the group I would say once they were all quiet.
9. Number of tables put down by the staff each morning.
8. Time our doors opened.
7. Number of summers I have been working as a counselor.
DSC_0071 6. Quantity of newsletters created that informed parents what was going on each week. Also, probably the number of newsletters that were actually read. Out of 120.
5. How many board games actually survived the summer.
IMG_5674 4. The number of times I broke down and cried. Over unnecessarily involved parents, over older campers with teenage angst, over supervisors with bad timing. The list goes on.
3. Days it took to get tie-dye dye off my hands.
IMG_5952 2. My OG co-workers.
1. The one same feeling of joy I got every time a parent told me, “I don’t know how you all do it. You guys did a great job” or a camper gave me a hug or a kid made me laugh.

Even though I griped and stressed and cried a lot over the past six weeks it was all worth it in the end.