My Slump [My Slump, My Slump, My Slump]

Note to self: Stop comparing yourself to others. It all started with an Instagram stalk sesh. You know what I’m talking about…when you’re on your explore page and one profile leads to another. Next thing you know, you’re 128 weeks back on someone’s page and you feel like you know their life. Well, the people I happen to stalk today were super creative, crafty girls. And then it got me thinking about my career and art and wondering if it’s even my passion. I was spiraling like Dorothy in that tornado.

So step one was to mope, a lot, and resist the urge to throw my phone across the center in frustration (oh, I’m at work tonight). Next step was to text the Boyfriend about my feelings of inadequacy. Like the loving, supportive man that he is, he immediately fed me the words of affirmation I desperately needed. He even threw in a HIMYM reference; definitely my person. Last thing I did was Google “how to get out of a creative slump.” Browsed through a few articles, got a re-energized attitude about being pro-active in improving my art, and took the simple advice of one blogger who said to write about your slump. Thus, here I am.

If I think about it, there are several things I can do to get the right side of my brain moving again: Start using my coloring book again, get a change of scenery (this past weekend was a good start), break my routine, keep a sketchbook and don’t hold back on it (I often get so caught up in trying to make something perfect that I don’t even try in the end), finish one of my three incomplete vlogs, get back into calligraphy, de-clutter my room and my mind…the list goes on.

If you have any suggestions, holluh atcha gurl. Let’s get crafty, bastards (#bars #puns). In the meantime and I’ll leave y’all with this bumpin’ Afro jam that gives me life.


5 thoughts on “My Slump [My Slump, My Slump, My Slump]

  1. jeddacp says:

    let’s go on a photo adventure. i just got a new camera (actually still seeing if i want to keep it) so I want to get back to taking pictures outside of my phone again.

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