Live Blog of Learning How to Make a Murderer

Okay, technically I watched the first episode with the Boyfriend earlier this week. But seeing that I was extremely drowsy and fell asleep for half the show (sorry, Boyfriend), I’m gonna give this another go. Though, I could very well fall asleep again. But that would be bad. Cause I’m at work. Don’t tell my boss.

Santa! Stevie looks like Santa.

He sure kissed a lot of women… Is one of those polygamist towns?

Oh, Santa cut his beard! And bleached his hair?

Lmao, “I might’ve went to several taverns.” Okay, gurl. We see you.

Ha. They spelled ‘pack’ wrong. Omg, that poor cat, what the heck?!

Running someone off the road. Welp, that’s one way of dealing with your problems.

Awh, baby! Another baby! Twin babies! Lori got some cool glasses.

Whoa this running is making me dizzy.

Every time I hear that woman’s name I just think of the Berenstain Bears.

Dvorak got cool glasses too! Oh, she’s lying.

I’ve watched enough of ‘Lie to Me’ to know you’re lying too, Mr. Kooshay. That’s totally not how you spell his name, is it?

You think the Beerntsen’s read their kids the Berenstain Bears books? I totally would.

This show is a lot of reading and listening. At the same time. My mind cannot process this.

Pouring concrete and watching divorce court. What a time to be alive.

But this little motion graphic is cool. Kudos, art team!

Steve’s dad though. So much emotion.

Oooh, their jail doors are so colorful!

Why’d he stay at so many correctional facilities? Is that normal?

Whoa. Those letters between him and his wife. Brutal.

Oh here it go… Science to the rescue!

LMAO, “…when Steve Avery didn’t even own underwear.” I die.

No, Stevie. Don’t confess… No…


C’mon little pubic hair. I’m rooting for you. Haaa, punny.


LMAO. The random baby.

Y’alls about to get caught red handed.

What do I need to do to be able to introduce myself as a “special agent.”

Why does everyone in these interviews seem so sketch.

NOTHING?! Forreal. What kind of justice system… I am never living in Wisconsin.

What a crack of shit indeed, gurlfriend.

Whoa, that ending. I didn’t fall asleep! Success!

I’m gonna go watch Parks & Rec. re-runs now.


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