Feeling My Felt

When my family lived in the first house I called ‘home’ we used to go bike riding all the time. The neighborhood easily accessed the large trail system that runs in the DC metro area, so it was almost a weekly activity for us. I loved riding with my family. It was challenging (climbing hills as a 8 year-old was no joke), but so enjoyable. When we moved to our current house, we either got rid of our bikes or they got stolen. I don’t remember. Either way, we never rode again.

Well, fast forward to the present where I’ve been cruising on my sister’s 2011 Fuji Finest 3.0. It’s a great ride, but I’ve always wanted my own. So I pulled the trigger today and bought this beauty:new_whip


After weeks of eyeing it online, I finally had the time to check out the bike in person. Even though I came back beaming from my test ride, it took me literally an hour to decide to purchase it. At one point I even mentioned to the sales associate, “I’m extremely indecisive, if you couldn’t tell already.” I know there are a million other things I could “wisely” spend my money on right now (HELLO, student loans and bills), but the way I felt — no pun intended — walking out the door* amounts to so much more. In the words of this youth generation, YOLO! I can’t wait to ride.

*I didn’t actually walk out the door with the bike. They kept it in store to do a final check and put pedals on it. Melodramatic. But picking it up on Wednesday!


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