My 10 Office Desk Essentials

DeskEssentialsIf we’re going to spend 40 hours a week in one spot, it should be well equipped. Here are ten items I find make my day-to-day office life a little more manageable.

  1. Tissues — Last week I was mayor of Congestion City and Puff’s Plus with Vicks tissues were the city’s vigilante. They saved the city. I watch a lot of ‘Arrow,’ okay?
  2. Mini Lint Roller — If you have a pet, namely one pesky little Siberian Husky named Kaia who is dropping fur like it’s hot, you’ll feel me on this one. I don’t like showing up to meetings looking like I just sheared an animal, so I use my mini lint roller almost every morning.
  3. Water — Whether it’s a plastic bottle you bring everyday or a container you keep/refill at work, water is life. Okay, that sounds a little dramatic. I know I don’t drink the suggested 8 oz. a day, but I find that a [usually empty] bottle reminds me to hydrate myself.
  4. Mug — This is probably the most essential item I have. The Boyfriend gifted me this annotated Graphic Design mug for my birthday (or maybe it was Christmas) a year ago. My favorite part about it is that it holds coffee.
  5. Microfiber cloth — I don’t always wear glasses. But when I do, they constantly get dirty. Thus this little cloth is used probably once every hour.
  6. Notebook — This is the notebook I bring around to meetings. I love the simplicity of it. It’s from Moleskin. Does that make me a writer?!
  7. Headphones — Fortunately, my office allows me to use headphones. Good thing cause I wouldn’t want anyone to know I just replay Toni Braxton’s “Platinum & Gold Collection” over and over all day.
  8. Pens/Pencils — I’m kind of weird about my pens and pencils. Like, obsessively weird. I hate thick ink/lead, I can’t stand ballpoint pens, the caps have to align with the writing on the pen, certain pens have to be placed in the jar tip down, etc. I’m insane, I realize this. In my oh-so-hipster mason jar I have: one .5 mechanical pencil, one red Sharpie, one highlighter, five black & one red Marvy Le Pens, and a pack of MUJI’s 0.5 Gel Ink Pens (my absolute favorite pen).
  9. To-Do List — I’ve always been a fan of lists. Duh. I find I’m far less stressed when I can see all my tasks laid out in one place. Plus, crossing things off can be so cathartic.
  10. Sticky Notes — I am extremely forgetful. So anytime someone says something remotely important I have to write it down. Otherwise, it bounces around in my head before leaving. Forever.

So what are your desk essentials? Anything I’m missing? Binder clips? Stapler? A hidden bottle of wine stowed away in a drawer? Fun fact: I already have one of those items.


6 thoughts on “My 10 Office Desk Essentials

  1. PP says:

    Ooooh, I guess I’ll do a response to this post with my desk essentials. Good idea!

    Lemme guess….it’s the bottle of wine?!?!

    • Michelle B. says:

      Haaa, I didn’t go so far as to stand on my chair, but I was trying my hardest not to look like a fool. Almost closed my door so that people wouldn’t walk by and be like, “What the damn hell are you doing?”

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