Attended a baptism for a family friend’s son today. The priest’s homily reminded me, for the umpteenth time, that I need to go to confession. I didn’t do it before Christmas and it’s been a year — far too long — since the last time I went. Pretty sure going at least thrice a year was a resolution of mine in 2014. Definitely did not fulfill that one. Haven’t put much thought into resolutions this year. I love making lists, but hate when I don’t complete them. And I feel like resolutions are rarely kept.

One of the many things I learned from my intro to Art History class was that stained glass windows [were thought to] bring the light of God into a church. I’ve always loved that fact. And I’ve always been fascinated by stained glass windows. The church I’m a parishioner at doesn’t have any, so when I visit other places of worship I often find myself staring endlessly at them.


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