Mama Knows Best

I love finding my mother’s old clothes. They appear at random, are refreshingly different, and can usually be altered to fit perfectly.


Kate Spade earrings (similar here), H&M necklace, Old Navy flannel, Mama’s skirt, tights, Target booties

Before alterations, this red skirt hit me at the least flattering place, in the middle of my shins. It made me look frumpy and overly conservative. I brought it to my Mama and asked if she could hem it to a little above my knee. Thankfully, she worked as an apprentice for a seamstress in her teen years so she knows her way around a sewing machine. I like to think my creativity is inherited from my mother’s own craftiness.


Apparently, this skirt fit her after having her second child, yours truly. There’s something special about wearing a piece with history. Even though my Mama often teases that it’s a pity to alter the clothes which have served her so well, I know she appreciates her wardrobe being put to good use again.


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