Mastering Your Craft, Pt. II

  1. Take a calligraphy workshop
  2. Buy a starter calligraphy set
  3. Buy print production books
  4. Take a print class (screen, letterpress, print making, etc.)
  5. Visit a printing company’s facility
  6. Re-brand myself
  7. Take on small side-projects

In July, I published this post about taking steps toward mastering my craft. Five months later and I’m finally doing it. I’m slow to start, but being creative feels great.

Two nights ago I came across this mesmerizing video. I watched it on full volume with my eyes fixed on the screen for the entire 10 minutes. It made me want to pick up a quill and draft the Declaration of Independence. Y’know, or something like that.

So yesterday, with no projects to work on at the office, I took out the notebook that permanently resides in my bag and started practicing my calligraphy. It wasn’t with an actual calligraphy pen. Just a felt tip one I used to fake my way through the alphabet, remembering the brief lesson I had in one of my capstone graphic design classes. Even though it wasn’t true calligraphy it felt so satisfying and exhilarating. I spent the entire day writing words, looking for pens, nibs, and ink, researching calligraphy classes (Found one in the area. For $250 though?!), and browsing through calligrapher’s blogs and Instagram feeds.

This holiday season, please remember those less fortunate than you. Donate to the ‘Michelle Desperately Wants to Take a Calligraphy Class’ fund today and make a cheap woman very happy.

When I got home from my part-time I rushed to my local Michaels’ Arts & Crafts store and spent an hour deciding on which pens to buy. Then I spent the rest of my night like a kindergartner, practicing my alphabet and writing words over and over again. I have a writing callous the size of a marble as proof.

The side projects have also been flowing in. And by flowing, I mean more of a trickle. Maybe three drops. I won’t divulge into them as much for client-designer confidentiality purposes. Very fancy stuff. Insert business jargon here. Connectitude. Transformatation. Just know they exist and they’re keeping me busy outside of the office, okay!

So at the rate I’m going I should have the rest of my list done in… February 2016. See you then.


One thought on “Mastering Your Craft, Pt. II

  1. stfustepho says:

    I’ve been wanting to pick up lettering as a hobby and a couple of months ago I started looking for calligraphy classes too! well mostly online. if you got o skillshare there a couple of them there that you might be interested in.

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