Mastering Your Craft

I recently took on new responsibilities at work as a Production Coordinator. My first feelings about this were excitement and glee. A new position! New skill set! Hoorays all around! But then reality sunk in and I panicked. I realized I knew next to nothing about printing. You know, besides ctrl + P. Sure, I had thrown a bleed mark around all my projects, but why exactly did I really need that? And I had to talk to people. Like on the phone. A huge phobia for me since the day that agitated Pizza Hut worker scarred 10 year-old me. I frantically hung up the phone after being unable to decipher the quickly spit out words she said under her thick accent.

Well, the past few weeks have been completely educational for me. I’ve learned so much about production – the types of paper, ink, presses. And I’ve managed to make a few calls without hyperventilating.

Thus naturally I started forming a list in my head. Of things I wanted to do and products I wanted to buy. But instead of its usual lustful reasoning, this was all for the knowledge. I want to do my job, yes. But I also want to understand and immerse myself and do it well.

  1. Take a calligraphy workshop
  2. Buy a starter calligraphy set
  3. Buy print production books
  4. Take a print class (screen, letterpress, print making, etc.)
  5. Visit a printing company’s facility
  6. Re-brand myself
  7. Take on small side-projects

Bottom line, I’m excited to be excited about my craft again and I forgot how much I love learning.

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