Here I am.

My, it’s been a while. I started this post months ago with the intention of catching my avid readers (Har har) up with my life. I only typed one sentence down. Oops.

Since my last post a lot has changed for the better – cue “For Good” from Wicked. Starting on the surface, I began my new position as a Junior Graphic Designer in March. I can honestly say I love my job. The work environment is easy-going and relaxed. My co-workers are great people. And I’m learning something new every day. Literally. In retrospect, the struggle I had finding that first step in my career path was not such a pain. So if you are currently in that place keep persevering because you will eventually get there.

Moving deeper into my current state, I’m content with the relationships I have. My family is stable and loving.  Although, I do wish we spent more time together. Our lives are all so busy that sitting down to a family dinner together has become a less and less frequent occasion. I took this event for granted in my childhood, but now realize what a healthy foundation it created for us. My friendships are developing and growing every day. With people I admire and care about. Surrounding yourself with a strong support system is a necessity in life and I think I’m starting to see who those people are for me. As for the boyfriend… He’s as wonderful as he’s always been. Summer is always a happy time for us. We tend to be more adventurous when the weather is nice. He is constantly a source of encouragement, humor, and love.

And me? I’m thoroughly satisfied with my life. I have clear life plans, I know what I want, but I’m willing to work and wait for everything. I’m beginning to see the importance of speaking up and being heard. Which, for someone who keeps to their self a lot, is a big deal. I am owning up to my accomplishments and taking pride in them. I’ve discovered the brutality that is the corporate world where you must kill or be killed. I’m learning how to save and budget. Emphasis on the learning aspect.

I’m also acutely aware of my flaws at this point in life. Noticing how little I ask for help regardless of how much I actually need it. Realizing how timid I get in certain social situations. Seeing how much I let others’ opinions affect my mood and how unnecessarily judgmental I can be (Probably my most continuous flaw).

So here I am. Filled with joy over my life and looking forward to whatever God has planned for me next.


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