Blog by Numbers: Five Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. A Toddler.
    There’s a steady stream of toddlers that come into the center on a daily basis. A few I barely know. They stare blankly at me as I wave enthusiastically and say “Good morning!” Some always smile and throw a quick and quiet “Morning” back, always prompted by their nanny. But there’s one particular little girl that I’ve grown close to over the past year. Some how I developed a friendship with this little one through our minimal interaction while cleaning up the Tiny Tots equipment and at the front desk in the morning. Her nanny even mentioned to me that the child would talk to her mother about a “big friend” at the center. So adorable. Anyway, today was probably the last time I would ever see her.
  2. A Note.
    My Bossman has been my boss for the past seven years. He was originally my supervisor for camps, and when I graduated from college he actually reached out to me asking if I wanted to work at the center. He’s been a huge help and stepping stone not only for me, but for my sisters too. And I truly admire how genuinely friendly he is; always greets members and knows exactly how to interact with them, no matter how rude or absurd they are. Today, as I began walking out of the center he called me into his office and handed me a card. Inside was a $25 Starbucks giftcard and a note thanking me for all my work and wishing me luck at my new position. I was so touched I almost hugged him.
  3. A Georgetown Cupcake.
    My Papa picks me up from work each Friday. In the car he asked me if I’d ever tried cupcakes from Georgetown. After exclaiming my love for Georgetown Cupcakes he pointed down to one in the cup holder saying his co-worker gave it to him. I happily devoured it with him right then and there.
  4. Seven Eleven Taquitos.
    Like I mentioned, my Papa picks me up every Friday. And occasionally, before going to his part-time jobs, we’ll stop at Seven Eleven to get food. Today I was hoping we’d do this because my monthly craving for taquitos was in its peak. And low and behold, we got taquitos.
  5. Hyacinth.
    While at my Papa’s part-time job I walked past these white hyacinth flowers in a vase. They looked pretty, but they smelled even better.

3 thoughts on “Blog by Numbers: Five Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. annnnnnnx3 says:

    heyyy looky looky!! Today was both of our last day lol. i wish i got a gift card! thats so sweet. but i guess the hug from the sweet ol principal was good enough for me lol.

    oh toddlers, notes, taquitos, and hyacinths!!! what a grat day u had 🙂 i would say cupcakes too but im not a big fan of sweets lol

    but papa! ur dad is cute and seems like ur a daddys girl like me! or maybe all 3 of u are? lol arent dads the best!!! haha

    do you start monday as well?

    • Michelle B. says:

      Work twins. o_O I start Monday too! Feeling extremely nervous/excited/scared.

      I think my older sister is more of a daddy’s girl and my younger one is a mama’s girl, but I’m a parents’ girl 🙂 Lmao, if that even exists.

      • annnnnnnx3 says:

        hahah parents’ girl!!!! twice as much spoiling! haha

        yay work twins! i know how u feel. i’m the same way. the only thing that is calming me down a bit is that i got an email saying i can wear comfy, presentable clothes for training day lol. But you will do fine girl. i know it 🙂 dont worry!!!! I’ll pray for you as I pray for myself as well 🙂

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