To Whom It May Concern,

God is so good.

This morning was like any other morning. My days off from the center usually start late and are filled with household chores. Vacuum the house, do laundry, make sure there’s rice made, take out the trash… Basically anything to keep my parents off my back. But this morning while watching TV I heard a ping from my Gmail and found an interview request in my inbox. I accepted and scheduled it for later this week.

I actually went to my first interview two weeks ago. I was beyond nervous and the night before I even broke down while the Boyfriend was attempting to prepare me for it. Unlike him, conversation does not come so easily to me. I didn’t tell anyone about it, except for my family and two close girlfriends who I sought advice from. I just didn’t want anyone to know in case it went south, which I expected it to. However, it went really well.

So well, in fact, that I got a call from the company’s HR rep this afternoon letting me know they’re offering me the Junior Graphic Designer position! My heart fluttered a million beats per second when I saw the 202 number flash on my phone. Could it be? It couldn’t. I don’t think I even comprehended everything the lady was saying to me. Definitely wasn’t coherent during the conversation. Think I said “thank you” over 12 times. The second we hung up I screamed down the hallway, up the stairs, and into my Papa’s arms.

I’ve had a fantastic support system the past two years (and beyond). There have been people who have been abrasive and pushed me out of my comfort zone and those who have been empathetic and guided me in the right direction. Both methods are needed when it comes to my stubborn self. Some people have sent me job opportunities, others have given me projects to keep my creativity alive, and plenty have shared their belief in me especially when I most needed it the most.

So thank you. To everyone who has had a part in my life in one way or another. Thanks for being in my corner. I hope you’ll stick around for the next round.

PS. Drinks on me! …As long as it’s a sweet tea from the dollar menu. Ya gurl ain’t made of gold.


17 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern,

  1. dangchristine says:

    Congrats, Michelle!! That’s so awesome! You’re a lovely graphic designer (hopefully that’s the position you accepted…lol).

    Conversation doesn’t come easily to me either most times, especially when it comes to interviews. I get super nervous and get anxiety attacks. The BF is the complete opposite, too.

    Good luck on your new journey 🙂

    • Michelle B. says:

      Thank you, Christine! ❤ It is for a graphic design position 🙂 And glad to know I'm not alone when it comes to conversation and interviews.

  2. jeddacp says:

    Congrats girl! I’m so excited and happy for you… Just remember us little people when you’ve become a hot shot graphic designer for some big company… Or if you end up opening up your own company.

    … Good thing I love sweet tea 😉

  3. vaniaj6 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! i had a feeling that’s what your tweets were about! you’re amazing and your work is amazing. I have no doubt that you’ll leave many creative marks on this world!!!

  4. Paula M. says:

    Haven’t congratulated you via WordPress…

    So congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you!

    Lemme get a discount on wedding invites (WHEN THE TIME COMES- AFTER YOU AND JOEY) 🙂

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