Blog by Numbers: 14 New Things Happening in the New Year

Inspired by my round-up post about camp this past summer and the recent trend of journalism in the form of lists I think I’m going to start a series: “Blog by Numbers.” There, I said it. It’s written in stone now. Hopefully I keep up with this, unlike my dying “This Week in ____” series. Then again, maybe I’ll resurrect that. Anyway, here are 14 New Things Happening in the New Year:

  1. Cursing less. Ever since confession I have found myself actively trying to remove profanity from my vocabulary. There have been a few slip ups here and there, mostly things that are blurted out due to frustration, but all in all it’s going pretty well.
  2. I started learning code on I’m 48% through Web Fundamentals and I’ve learned more about coding in two days than I did in the two web related classes I took in college.
  3. Well, this is new and old. Re-started working at the center this month. I ran out of hours last year so I couldn’t work October, November, and December.
  4. Two words: Dish. Washer. Finally learned how to load it. Turns out you just have to put a little capsule in, press a few buttons, and bam.
  5. Started really cracking down on the job search. And thus got my first rejection (At least they had the decency to tell me instead of stringing me along like an unrequited lover). Stung a little a lot, but I will continue. Sidenote: Thank you to everyone who has shown support through all my somber posts. Y’all don’t know how sane your comments, texts, and kind words have kept me.
  6. Experiencing the joy of parenthood. Wait, what. I meant our new puppy. Accidents in the house, crate training (Thankfully I’ve only been awakened one night to her incessant whining), sneaking under the raised shed in the backyard, swallowing a sock… Tiny terror, that one.
  7. Joined the Bread & Bullets team, an up-and-coming apparel brand. It’s nice to be a part of something again. And Lord knows I need the experience.
  8. Another new/old occurrence. Re-started tracking my expenses. Discovered the Monthly Budget template in Numbers on my iCloud and it is the Check it out if you have an iCloud account. You can access it at
  9. Trivial thing, but I’ve started using a night cream. The older I get the more I understand my skin. I’m comfortable enough to go out in public without foundation now, something I never ever used to do.
  10. Finally making progress with my wall revamp. So far I’ve painted a chevron pattern canvas and bought the poster I’ve wanted (Mentioned in my most recent Lust List).
  11. photo 5Discovered a new media of art I love: painting. I painted these as the Boyfriend’s Christmas present last month and now I’m going to a paint & wine class with two girlfriends in a few weeks. Yeehaw!
  12. New kitchen. I am in love with the amount of counter space we have now. It’s given me sweet, sweet dreams of my future home complete with a gigantic kitchen (Quartz counter tops, spacious island/breakfast bar, the works). I’ve been meaning to post after pictures, but we’re technically not done with it. The old flooring is still in and five cabinets are missing knobs.
  13. This series. Alright, I’m running out of novel experiences here. But I am trying to blog more. Both on here and the lifestyle/health/beauty blog.
  14. It’s a new year. Duh.

#NEWYEARNEWME Well… Same me, new experiences.


4 thoughts on “Blog by Numbers: 14 New Things Happening in the New Year

  1. PP says:

    YAYAYAYAYA #7! Congratssssss! 🙂

    #11: WOW! That’s awesome! I’d buy (serious na serious) one of your paintings to say I got a painting painted by THEE Michelle B. I’mma start a collection of my peeps’ creations and if (when) y’all get super famous, I’d own a super ultra rare artifact from them. Yeah.


  2. stfustepho says:

    i started codeacademy too after my friend forced me to let her teach me how to code. i got side tracked after a couple lessons but i really want to learn how to code too (especially after looking for jobs, it’s a “plus” on almost every job posting). but awesome paintings! and i would totally try out that money budget thing on numbers!

    • Michelle B. says:

      Thanks! HTML5/CSS is a requirement for practically every job I’ve looked at. Definitely try out Numbers, it’s seriously life changing.

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