Sin & Resolution

On Christmas Eve I went to confession for the first time in one, maybe two years. All week I had been going back and forth whether or not I would actually go through with it. Confession makes me nervous. I know priests are obligated to keep confidentiality, but the fear of being judged nagged at me. I should have kept the lyrical genius of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” in mind: “Remember only god can judge us. Forget the haters, cause somebody loves ya.”

I’m relieved I followed through though. If you’ve ever gone to confession I have a question for you: Do you feel lighter walking out of the booth? I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. /end cliche. Tears welled up in my eyes as I made my way to a pew so I could give penance. A smile was spread across my face the whole day. It made me feel so blessed. I don’t know if you’re supposed to keep your own confession experience to yourself (What happens in confession, stays in confession?) but the priest said one sentence that really stuck with me: “God loves you.” I know this fact is reiterated in so many aspects of the Catholic faith. But hearing it in an intimate, personal situation is different than listening to a homily spoken to the entire parish.

Because of this one idea I’ve decided to base my New Years Resolutions around my faith.

  1. Love The Lord above all others. Placing less of an importance on materialistic things and more on The Lord.
  2. Never lose faith. Too many times in 2013 I felt lost. I wish I had turned to God more, even when I wasn’t facing hard times. My family is currently hosting the Virgin Mary statue at our home so we’ve been praying the rosary daily. It’s nice to have a reoccurring conversation with God.
  3. Go to mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. I rarely miss mass, but I know there have been a few Holy Days I’ve forgotten or wasn’t even aware of. I would love to extend this resolution to catching a weekday service once or twice a month. Also, a sub category to this is to be attentive during mass and prayer; not just mindlessly go through the motions.
  4. Be confident. No more self-pity. No more insecurities about my life or talents. I have to trust myself more. God put me on this earth for a reason. I need to find that reason.
  5. Love my neighbors. Practicing restraint in being judgmental will be one of the most difficult habits to break.
  6. Love and respect my family. I must keep in mind it is my turn to give back to my parents. They’ve done so much for me. They deserve the world.
  7. Keep a cool head. Often I get easily angered by the littlest trigger. I lose my temper. Lately I’ve been trying to count out loud to ten when I feel heat rising to my head. It helps. Sidenote: Did you know you feel emotions in different areas of your body?

What are your New Years resolutions? Do you keep them throughout the year or fail within days?


3 thoughts on “Sin & Resolution

  1. reezmaree says:

    🙂 those are beautiful goals. The last time I went to confession was when I was 19. I cried after and during prayer/penance. It’s such a powerful feeling to know God’s love and mercy.

    Stay confident, ate! I have to tell myself that too all the time. No more excuses and self-pity. We are intelligent, worthy individuals with lots of potential and talent 🙂 we’re doing fine!

  2. PP says:

    Reconciliation was a sacrament I didn’t understand too much and I couldn’t get my lazy self to go confess. During college, I was soooooo bad with my faith.

    Earlier last year, I, too, was nervous and asked someone to join me. I always go to the Basilica now for confession because it gives me the opportunity to walk around that beautiful place! Whenever I wait, my eyes always get watery as I stare at Baby Jesus being held by Mother Mary. Like how can I be forgiven each and every time? I’m not worthy!

    I think we’re suggested to go every 6 months like the recommended dental visit, but I want to go to confession at least once every one or two months. The guilt within me really does overwhelm me and it also keeps me more conscious of my sins that more often I go. And plus, the act of confessing is an act of bravery. To even have the courage to confess to the priest!

    I’ll answer your question. No new year’s resolution. I admit I’m not perfect, that I may not follow or accomplish my goals the way I planned. I fall, I admit failure, I stumble, I come close to quitting, I resort to alternatives. But I know in the end I am the one who motivates myself the best and, hopefully, I have a great support system of friends and family who will also be there to keep me in check.

    I write too much.

  3. vaniaj6 says:

    awesome! I used to be really scared after not going for years, but God is happy like the father of the prodigal son, happy to receive us with open arms because of our return!
    You don’t need to keep your post confession experience to yourself. It’s a way to evangelize to others, especially to fellow Catholics who haven’t been to confession in a while. After going for a first time in a while, it did feel like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. That’s the Lord carrying His yoke with us and His grace! I recommend the sacrament as often as once a month or asap when involving a grave mortal sin before receiving the Eucharist at Mass. (not to sound scary!) However, sometimes if you go regularly, it’s easy to forget to examine your conscience thoroughly and say/do penance from the heart. That’s how it is for me a lot of times, including my most recent one, because I was in a rush. Anyway, “Catholic Guilt” is a normal feeling, because we admit to fault but what’s greater is Forgiveness. It truly is a blessing to have the sacrament of Reconciliation available and His grace given to us in that manner. It makes receiving Him in the Eucharist all the more special and beautiful.

    sorry jumbled thoughts!

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