Our House

Our house is dated. It was built in 1953. I Googled it. My parents always describe it as “our tiny house” when they welcome newcomers. I’ve always disliked that description. It’s small, yes, but it does the job: Provides a roof over our heads and a warm place to sleep at night. And for that, I’m thankful.

One of my least favorite rooms in the place is the kitchen. Metal cabinets, vinyl flooring, awkward layout, ugly hideous wallpaper, no counter space… The list goes on. When I started watching HGTV in high school (I obviously had a budding social life) I’d always wish a designer would show up at our doorstep and surprise us with a free home makeover. I’m still waiting, HGTV…


{ Before. }

Enough with the princess in distress crap. My family started renovations a week and a half ago. We’ve torn down those metal cabinets and replaced them with new wood ones. I spent about three days scraping every bit of that floral, yellow wallpaper away and painting over it with Behr’s “Cotton Whisper.” Sidenote: How does one get a job naming paint colors? Because, hello, sign me up. We bought a dishwasher, which may seem like a normal feat in a kitchen but is in fact a huge deal to me. Doing the dishes is up there with cleaning the bathroom on my list of household chores I detest. I will do almost anything to get out of it. My sisters will vouch.

The kitchen is about three fourths the way done. And me? I’m completely done. See, what started as an exciting family project has turned into one major conflict of opinions. In short, my taste is so different from my parents. I liked dark cabinets and light countertops. They prefer the cheapest cabinets and the cheapest countertop, which is understandable. We’re [Bersa]ballin’ on a budget over here. Nevertheless, I’ve relinquished because whenever I voice my thoughts I’m pretty much shut down. I won’t lie, I’ve lost my temper in the past couple days. But I’m sure when it’s all over and the final product is left I’ll learn to love the kitchen. I mean… As long as there’s food in it, I’m good.


4 thoughts on “Our House

  1. PP says:

    I LOVE HGTV!!! I always link HGTV with you nowadays lol.

    It sounds like a nice project; my family wants to renovate the basement once we’re done paying for the house in a few years. I feel like I can empathize a bit with the decision-making because I’ve disagreed with some of the things my parents have done to our house. But I ain’t paying for the house or the materials…

    Can’t wait to see how it is next time I visit!

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