Disney Depression

I got back from Disney World this morning at 5:00am. I slept until around 9:00am and I’ve been moping around ever since.

After vacations I go through my typical extreme “post-vacation blues” or “post travel depression.” Waking up becomes disorienting when you don’t see that same familiar scene you’ve become accustomed to. Feelings of loneliness hit you in waves because all of a sudden you have too much personal space, free from those people who have surrounded you for the past couple of days. And, you cry. Or at least, I cry. More than I’d like to admit. When I got home from the Philippines in the summer of 7th grade I cried for weeks. I missed my extended family so much and thought it was so unfair that I would only get to see them every few years (I haven’t been back to my parents’ province since).

This trip was no different. I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed, but feeling like I needed to do something thrilling. Realizing I had to fall back into routine, but wanting to make some huge change in my life. My days have been full of novel experiences, pure happiness, and princesses. How does one even begin to get over that kind of excitement? I Googled “feeling sad after a trip.” And that’s how I found out that this unsettling situation is common. I read up on how to get over it. Some people said get some sleep, but not too much sleep. A lot said exercise. A few suggested incorporating your trip into your every day life. But I didn’t feel like doing any of that. So I unpacked. And it didn’t help. My clothes smelled like the hotel. Pictures from my Instax (Which I have absolutely fallen in love with) brought me back to how giddy I felt in front of Cinderella’s Castle. After I unpacked everything and even cleaned my room that gloomy cloud was still hovering. It still is.

But I know it will all go away in a couple of days. I’m just going to have to wait it out. I’ll revisit all my photos and videos from my SLR in a couple of weeks when they don’t make me bawl like a baby. In the meantime, football, Oreos, and coffee are soothing my sorrows. But if you know of a better remedy, help a sister out.

PS. I really miss my boyfriend.


6 thoughts on “Disney Depression

  1. reezmaree says:

    I feel you, Ate! My trip was a short one and familiar– host home, foodie heaven, night life, lost in transportation, new streets– so I was okay.
    But nothing beats those realllly special trips with loved ones and unforgettable experiences (like Disney gives you). I’m glad you had a great time!
    Seeing your boyfriend and friends again!
    Plan another trip (if only it were so easy)!

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