Live Blog of My Third Visit to the Optometrist in a Week

11:03am: I. am. late. My appointment was at 10:50am. Oops. Doesn’t matter anyway cause this place is always busy. I hope my ulcer has improved. Although, when it heals what will I blog about?!

11:16am: Pre-screen done. Same nurse? assistant? as before. She’s super nice.

11:17: Spent about two seconds in the Dilation Waiting Room. Already waiting for the doctor. The office must be running smoothly today cause I’m usually waiting for about 45 minutes. Does this mean this visit may not last 2 hours?!

11:28am: Done! My doctor was extremely panicked when he heard I hadn’t been using the drops since Thursday when I last saw him. Backstory: I lost them on my way to work Friday morning. Freaked out called my pharmacy, they said it’d either be $135 without insurance or I would have to get another prescription. Called my optometrist office, left a message. Never heard from either the pharmacy or the office again. Thankfully, when he checked my eye he said it was definitely better. The spots are still there, but it should be gone after a week. He gave me a steroid drop to heal the blood vessels in the corner of my eye and diminish the chances of scarring. I don’t have to go back. Hallelujah, cause those $20 co-pay fees were adding up. Treatment should be over by the weekend and I can resume using contacts! Just in time for Disney! Backstory 2: My adoring boyfriend surprised me with a birthday trip to Disney next week with a couple of friends. Seriously best present ever. Best boyfriend ever.

11:35am: Okay, I probably look like a creep just sitting here in my car. Time to go! Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m gonna go look at the world cause I’m not going to go blind!


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