Currently Pt. II

Back at the optometrists. Follow up appointment for my corneal ulcer. It feels and looks better than two days ago. I just hope the doctor agrees. After finding that this condition could result in loss of vision I panicked a little (And by a little I mean a lot). Last visit my doctor kept saying we had to hit it [the ulcer] hard. The severity of the infection depends on what bacteria is in my eye. Go away, bacteria. You’re not wanted here.


Saw ‘Gravity’ with the boyfriend yesterday for our Wednesdate. I would describe the movie as an experience. Recommend it, but you may have a panic attack. Several times. I felt like I was holding my breath for the duration of the film. Come to the conclusion that I’m probably not cut out for space.

There’s a nice lady in the “Dilation Waiting Room” (Cannot stress how bizarre this room is to me) who commented on my age when I came in. She said, “Oh you’re so young.” Matter of fact, the assistant who did my pre-screen mentioned I made her feel old. She looked about 30. Usually I’m insulted when people create a divide from me with age. I don’t think I’m that young. But then again, I often think along the same lines when I see kids around my neighborhood or freshmen at gatherings with friends who are still in college. So I guess at 22 years-old, I am that young.

Speaking of age, I’d like to do some sort of recap of my 22nd year. Just don’t know how I’ll compile it all yet. Stay tuned, y’all.


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