Currently sitting in the “Dilation Waiting Room” of my optometrist office waiting to be seen by my doctor. I developed this infection on my right eye this weekend that has me worried. Any other body part and I would have let time heal it, but my eyes are another story. I have an irrational fear of losing my vision. Can you imagine a life without sight? I can’t.


I don’t know where I’m going with this. I really just wanted to blog something. I’ll settle for a list, because that’s how my brain works.

List of Currents:
Favorite song: Tie between “Really Don’t Care (feat. Cher Lloyd)” or “Without Love,” both by Demi Lovato
Something I’m Grateful For: My vision. And that my mother bought me breakfast from Panera this morning.
Favorite Book: The “Divergent” series by Veronica Roth.
Favorite Article of Clothing: My black vest from Target with leather lapels.
Something I’m Excited About: Teaching Art Club again. Starting to pull my curriculum together.
A Challenge I’m Facing: Creating a cover letter I’m satisfied enough with to send out.
Thought: Once read an article about introverted personalities. It said introverts like to sit where they are able to see everything. In a waiting room full of no one, I did this. Then I realized I always prefer the seat in the corner against the walls or the back of the bus. Interesting. Introvert/extrovert theories intrigue me.
Favorite TV Show: “Once Upon A Time.” Peter Pan’s story is so dark in this show.
Mood: Content. My best friend just tweeted me something funny and instantly had me smiling.

Update: I have a corneal ulcer.


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