Summer Close Out Pt. II

I completed three out of five things on my Summer Close Out bucket list. It seems like I’m never going to host my beloved backyard tie-dye party, and finding a free weekend for hiking was next to impossible. But the point of the bucket list was to make the most out of my lazy summer days and go on some adventures, so I’m not complaining. There’s always next year.

Took a Sisters Beach Day Trip to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.


{ My cousin, the butterfly whisperer. }



DSC_0131Had our annual cousins’ Brookside Gardens photoshoot. Found out August is by far the worst month to go see the gardens. The place was under a lot of construction and there were hardly any flowers in bloom. Nevertheless, we did the best with what we had to work with.

IMG_0029And lastly, ate brunch at Founding Farmers with the boyfriend. The food was pretty good but not anything to gush over. I did however love that we chose to sit outside. There were only a few other customers out there so it made the experience intimate and quaint.


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