Open Letter to My Boyfriend on His Birthday

Dear Boyfriend,

I feel blessed on a daily basis to be with you, but especially on this day. And I thank the Lord for bringing you into this world, and my life.

Your kindness draws people to you. I envy your ease at making friends, your knack for finding the good in anyone, and your never-failing patience. One of my favorite childhood stories of yours is the video your mother has of you talking, to no one in particular, for minutes on end. Probably just to hear your own voice. As silly as it is that video shows so much of your personality. And it was your light-hearted personality which I fell, and continue to fall, in love with.

You have had a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today. Constantly motivating, consistently caring, and unconditionally loving. You have become my backbone — the person I run to, sometimes literally, when I come across life’s obstacles and hardships. You know my past & my family, so you understand why I take forever to speak my mind or shy away from confrontation. Conversation with you happens easily and effortlessly. But our silent comfort with each other is something I have come to cherish, for I know it is a feat that can only be obtained over time. And while our time together seems like forever to some, it has really only just begun.

Thank you for it all. For your reassurance when I doubt myself. For the endless laughter between us. For your hand to hold, whether it is there because of an automatic reflex or guidance. For your love even during the darkest times. For all your actions and words that have brought me so much happiness the past seven years. And for everything we have yet to share together.

Happy 24th birthday.

Love, Girlfriend



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