Camp by Numbers

Summer camp has come to a close. So here’s my recap on the past six weeks. In numbers.

20. The number of times a day a bandaid soothed an injured, crying child.
19. How many times in an hour I told campers not to run in the multipurpose room.IMG_5536 18. Number of times my sister and I got asked if we were twins.
17. Total amount of times campers grabbed my boobs.
IMG_5980 16. The number of pens I acquired from constantly putting them in my hair and forgetting about their existence until I got home.
15. Number of Instagram pictures taken relating to camp life.
14. Average quantity of pizzas I ordered every Friday.
IMG_5434 13. Time, in minutes, it took for campers to get quiet after lunch.
12. How many times my phone got disabled due to too many incorrect password attempts.
11. Age of my knuckle head “Team Fresh” boys who drove me up the wall insane.
DSC_0049 10. Amount of times campers would ask me what game we were playing next. Right after I told the group I would say once they were all quiet.
9. Number of tables put down by the staff each morning.
8. Time our doors opened.
7. Number of summers I have been working as a counselor.
DSC_0071 6. Quantity of newsletters created that informed parents what was going on each week. Also, probably the number of newsletters that were actually read. Out of 120.
5. How many board games actually survived the summer.
IMG_5674 4. The number of times I broke down and cried. Over unnecessarily involved parents, over older campers with teenage angst, over supervisors with bad timing. The list goes on.
3. Days it took to get tie-dye dye off my hands.
IMG_5952 2. My OG co-workers.
1. The one same feeling of joy I got every time a parent told me, “I don’t know how you all do it. You guys did a great job” or a camper gave me a hug or a kid made me laugh.

Even though I griped and stressed and cried a lot over the past six weeks it was all worth it in the end.



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