Live Blog of a Day at Camp

7:26am — At home. Contemplating whether or not I want to commit to this. It’s tie-dye day. It might be a 10 hour day because it’s the last week so we have to pack and clean up everything. My phone might die.

7:29am — Excuses, excuses. Let’s do this shit.

7:58am — Arrived at camp. Tables are down, board games are out. Didn’t even have to break a sweat.

8:05am — Been singing, “Ohh meth. Ohh meth!” Damn it, Kane Show.

8:10am — Parent just told Christine and I we look, “too similar.” Quickly shut that thought down with a, “We’re not twins.”

8:23am — Least favorite parent dealt with. Should be smooth sailing from here! …I just jinxed it.

8:42am — Just explained tie-dye to a camper. Didn’t realize this was such a foreign concept.

8:52am — Camper just told me one of our counselors always hugs and kisses her. When asked how she felt about that she responded, “Disgusting.”

8:57am — Camper just gave me a hug because we’re going outside later. Cute.

9:06am — Two more parents baffled by the similarity between Christine and I. It is the sixth week. How are y’all just noticing this now.

9:20am — Parent asks if this is are last week and if I’m happy about it. I respond with a, “Maybe…”

9:33am — Outside time. While I stay in the multipurpose room (MPR) with one camper. One. Because his mother doesn’t want him to get bug bites. Would you like me to put him in a bubble too?

9:55am — Almost time to start rotations.

10:03am — Text my Assistant Director and sister some instructions. Too lazy to get up and walk down the hall.

12:30pm — Sorry for my absence. Been tie-DYING the past two hours. I have the dyed fingers to prove it.

12:37pm — Got fed up. Turned off the lights. Kids spending the rest of lunch in dark silence. Anyone talks and it extends their stay here. I am ruthless. I have no heart. I feel nothing.

2:44pm — Oops. I totally forgot about this. Tie-dye is done. My boss came over. Always good seeing him. Chilling under the awning outside. I need a breather. Woosah.

2:59pm — Had a nice little photoshoot with my kiddos. Pics will be up later.

3:02pm — Number of campers who have gotten to second base with me is at an all time high.

3:43pm — I should be gone in two minutes. It’s probably not gonna happen… Currently writing 29 slips of tie-dye instructions. Tedious.

4:24pm — Leaving now. Couldn’t take another two hours.


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