Do You Believe in Magic?

Nope, just fate (And God!).

This morning I fell asleep on the bus. What’s surprising is not that it happened, but more the time it happened. Whether I’ve had a measly two hours of sleep or a full nights rest I am rarely tired in the morning. I’ll have a little trouble waking, but once I’m up, I’m [annoyingly] up. My family and friends can vouch for this. So it was strange to feel super groggy. This led me to the decision of getting Starbucks this morning. I was waiting in queue to get my delicious cup of energy when I heard my name called and saw someone walking toward me. I looked up and it was a close friend from high school who I haven’t seen in four years.

Sidenote: I’m really, really, really bad at keeping in touch.

I was in awe. Definitely said, “Oh my god” at least seven times. We hugged. We chatted. I learned he works in the area too and is moving down south for Med School soon. Our conversation was brief but as I said goodbye and walked away I couldn’t help but smile like a loon.

It had me thinking. I was having such a slow morning, but look how fast it turned around. What if I decided not to get Starbucks? Would we eventually cross paths? Will we again? Should I go to that five-year high school reunion on Thursday (No.)? I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad. I’m just glad I was able to energize myself not only with a cup of coffee this morning, but with a rekindled friendship.

That was corny. Happy Hump Day.


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