Little Red Working Shirt


H&M Earrings, Gifted Necklace, MoCo Recreation Shirt, J. Crew shorts, Busch Gardens Bracelet, H&M Bag, Sperry Shoes

Because I currently work at the center I’m forever shackled down by this shapeless red shirt. Thus, my weekly uniform usually looks like this. It’s a rather boring outfit to start the “Style” section of my blog but I hope sharing what I wear will encourage me to find some sort of way to, in the words of Tim Gunn, make it work.

DSC_1052 copy

DSC_1048 copy

DSC_1055 copy


2 thoughts on “Little Red Working Shirt

  1. vaniaj6 says:

    i just realized my reader wasn’t displaying your posts even though i follow your blog! i refollowed it. here’s to all the likes i woud have gave youuuu! lol

    you cute.

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