Live Blog of My Sister’s Graduation

2:11pm: Welcome readers, to Walter Johnson High School’s 2013 Commencement Exercises. Graduations are always terribly boring after your graduate has walked. So I thought I’d share my thoughts throughout today’s distinguished event. Here we go.
2:16pm: Sitting patiently waiting for the graduates to emerge. There’s a group of guys behind me who I know are going to get on my nerves in – right now.
2:18pm: Just saw my old Anatomy teacher. He has a beard. Weird.
2:28pm: Band starts playing. Teachers walk in. Students walk in. Cheering…
2:30pm: See my sister. Glad she painted her cap. Even if she spelled U-M-B-C wrong…
2:32pm: Homegirl next to my fam starts whistling to get her graduate’s attention. It. is. loud. How the.
2:43pm: Master of Ceremonies opens with speech about parents. It’s pretty sweet.
2:54pm: Senior class president speech. He just said their class organized the biggest Senior Skip Day ever. This kid sounds promising.
2:58pm: I feel like every graduation speech has to include a Dr. Seuss quote. This one is no different.
3:05pm: Valedictorian is up. Asian girl. What’s new. She has so many cords. And tassels. Jeez.
3:09pm: Change my attention to the crowd. I spot five guys playing with their tassels/cords. Also spot a woman taking a picture with her iPad. This amuses me.
3:12pm: Just smiled for said lady’s selfie. Hey girl!
3:16pm: “Find out what you’re bad at. Don’t do it.” -Eun Yang from NBC 4, Commencement speaker.
3:24pm: Spot two more graduates playing with their tassel. These kids are like cats.
3:30pm: Some girl decorated her cap with rhinestones. It is so sparkly. Can’t stop staring at it. Now I’m the cat.
3:36pm: Presentation of Class. AKA, WJ class of 2013 stats.
3:42pm: Another Dr. Seuss reference.
3:45pm: Sister walks across stage. I proceed to embarrass her like I have pretty much her entire life by screaming out, “I LOVE YOU CICI!” My job here is done.
3:55pm: But actually. Is this over yet? Where’s that sparkly cap? That should keep me entertained for a while.
4:01pm: Spotted a little boy wearing a paper chef hat. Why?
4:27pm: Last name is called. He gets the biggest cheer of all! That’s why I’d want to be last.
4:40pm: Out of the hall. Chaos.


One thought on “Live Blog of My Sister’s Graduation

  1. aluapook says:

    Lol I enjoy these.

    Eun Yang was my commencement speaker for HS too! Jeanette was allllll about getting minority people. Eun was pregnant at the time and joked about popping on stage bc she was on her 8th month of pregnancy. I secretly wanted it to happen.

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