Sakura, Sakura

{ Even though it was the last day we found a few late bloomers. }

Still playing catch up. This was from exactly one month ago. Coincidence or craftily thought out plan? Neither. Procrastination. I’ve got a few more of these so bare with me, people.

I have forsaken Final Cut Pro and gave Adobe Premiere Pro a try in the making of this video. I like the layout of Premiere. It’s fairly simple to use and much cleaner than Final Cut. I didn’t have any dropped frames issues, but I did come across an audio problem which I managed to solve. And I found exporting to be somewhat troublesome. In Final Cut there’s a choice to export to Quicktime and the program basically spoon feeds you all the correct presets. So all I had to do was click a couple buttons. Premiere, on the other hand, wants to teach me a lesson in all things video related. What is that about.

{ Lived in the Washington, D.C. metro area my whole life and I’ve never been inside this monument.  }

More photos on my Flickr.


9 thoughts on “Sakura, Sakura

  1. joeycf says:

    Reblogged this on Mi Manifesto and commented:
    I never intended to reblog anything because I didn’t want to turn my WordPress into a Tumblr but I feel like my current blog lacks intimacy and personality. So here goes a video made by my SO.

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