Due to conflicting schedules the Boyfriend and I have found Wednesdays to be the only weekday we are both available. After a couple weeks this routine kicked in and Wednesdates were born (Yes, I totally just made that up). They mostly consist of consuming a ridiculous amount of food because we’re certified fat kids, but I have every intention of branching out to other pastimes.

On this particular Wednesdate — some weeks ago — we fulfilled one of my current bucket list items and gave macarons a try. They were nothing like what I expected. When I first picked one up I went all Hulk Smash and crushed the delicate thing. Oops. The Boyfriend and I went back and forth tasting all our options (I convinced him to get all twelve flavors) and found certain ones were tastier than others. But they’re all still second to my Mama’s homemade oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies/Georgetown Cupcake’s Chocolate³.


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