Belated Boisterous Birthdays

I’ve truly outdone myself. Managed to procrastinate on editing and sharing the excessive amount of footage/photos I have for a whole month. No need to applaud. Oh, stop. Really, you are too kind.

This video was different from my usual whimsy, super kawaii videos I’ve compiled in the past, which is probably why it too so long for me to complete. I started it a while ago, edited about four seconds, and quit. The footage was choppy (Thank you, 8gb SD card. You da best.) and dark. Final Cut kept dropping frames. “Property Brothers” was on TV. So many obstacles. Well, turns out all I needed to do was buckle down and focus because when I actually began to work on it, weeks later, I finished in a couple hours. Now as for the rest of my media… See y’all next month!


One thought on “Belated Boisterous Birthdays

  1. jeddacp says:

    it’s amazing how long a 51 second video can actually take to edit… i remember wanting to throw my computer out the window when i had to do it for some VC class (dont remember which # it was)

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