Shark Face Gang


{ Owuor Arunga, the trumpet player in the background, was insane. }

Last night I, along with hundreds of other smelly individuals, got to bask in the glory of Macklemore. A few friends and I managed to slyly inch our way forward to the front of the stage which was quite a feat considering we got there 40 minutes after doors opened. Maybe it was the fact that we were so close, but the energy and hype of the crowd completely made up for the abuse that came with a total loss of personal space. At one point I thought I was going to get pulled under the crowd and trampled circa Mufasa in that wildebeest stampede. Tragic. Yet somehow we managed to stand our ground and had a thoroughly fantastic time at the show.

DSC_0070 copy

{ He’s rather good looking in a strange way, isn’t he? }


{ One of my favorite shots of the night. }


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