Welcome to the Club

So for the past couple months I have been instructing an Art Club at a local elementary school in the area. These classes are an hour of chaos and stress, but I’ve grown quite fond of my little nuggets. As you may remember, last week I was able to take 21 kids and a couple of chaperones on a field trip to the National Gallery of Art in DC. [Side note, bless the souls of those who decided to make a majority of the museums in the District free of charge. Thanks to you fine members of society I will never understand the concept of paying for museums.] Despite a minor anxiety attack over the thought of traveling into the city with a group of children, who have the combined attention span of a squirrel, the outing was pretty successful. I loved that every experience was so novel to them. The panic of passing through the turnstiles, deciphering which large building was the White House (Answer: neither), assuming every man with white hair in a painting was George Washington; it was all too amusing. And because you weren’t there to witness such pure awesomeness, here’s a video montage of our trip:

I didn’t expect to use the video feature on my [Nameless] DSLR, but I’ve been gravitating toward it a lot lately… Hence, there may or may not be a couple more of these on the way. Stay tuned.


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