Tips on How to Survive on What’s Left in Your Bank Account a Week Before Payday

  1. Really think about what is necessary before you make a purchase. For instance, if it’s Friday and you haven’t had an adequate amount of sleep then a White Chocolate Mocha and breakfast sandwich are totally essential.
  2. Stay away from the media. Without advertisements to taunt you, you are less likely to think about that gorgeous, cobalt Madewell dress that would flatter you perfectly. And who knows, a week without TV may lower your electrical bill this month or save energy.
  3. Make little sacrifices. If it saves you money, it’s worth it. Buy the generic version instead of your favorite gourmet/organic/cancer-curing/butt-toning brand. Or take that bus that gets you home slower but also costs a lot less. In the end, it’s the same result.
  4. Hide yo credit cards, hide yo cash. Remember that scene from “Confessions of a Shopaholic”? The one where Rebecca cracks open a giant block of ice to retrieve her beloved piece of plastic? Do that. Minus going ballistic and yielding to the power of the card.
  5. Accept help when it’s offered. If your sister has left over SmarTrip cards from your Art Club field trip by all means, take them. Hey now look at that. You can afford to ride the fast bus another day! I mean, make your money last longer.

Follow these tips and before you know it dawn will break and it will be payday once more. You may now resume all your bad spending habits.


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