Welcome Home, Baby


So if you were intently keeping up with my Live Blog yesterday you will know I received an ever so mysterious package in the mail. Well this, nosy ladies and gentlemen, is it. I upgraded my busted D40 body (curse you shutter release) for this beautiful refurbished D5100 I’ve been eyeing for a while now (see Lust List). I’ll admit I had my qualms about buying refurbished, but after an extensive ten minutes of research and 48 hours of bugging my technology encyclopedia (also referred to as “boyfriend”), I decided I’d save myself a couple hundred bucks and click that “Submit Order” button.

The only flaw I observed is the tiny scratch on the top right corner of the LCD, but other than that it’s in new condition. And after months sans camera, besides the superb quality of my iPhone of course, that was good enough for me. It has been so refreshing to hear that melodious click of the shutter opening and closing again, even if it’s just capturing mundane objects found in my room. I’m taking that as a sign I need to go on some awesome adventures in the near future. It’s time to document my life again.


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